leitz game

Session 2 Notes

The party started their adventure in the inn in Rosedale. A man with a parrot was there; he asked Tzurak to watch his parrot while he ran to the armorer. He was never seen again. The party was attacked by assassins and defeated them. The assassins’ weapons inflicted more painful wounds than would be expected, seemingly because of a substance on the weapons. Tzurak told the group that these assassins were members of the Red Mantis and sought the lives of the group because it was believed that the party were seeking immortality.

The group headed off towards the ruins. An invisible ogre on a giant horse charged the party. Ultimately Brace was fatally lanced, but didn’t remain dead. The ogre’s horse was interrogated. His name was Murder.

The party continued on toward the ruins, preparing to head into the forest, when Tzurak told the group that his research had revealed that there were reports of magic not functioning correctly in the ruins/forest. Bravely, the companions pressed on. They discovered soon discovered that if their casting wasn’t very precise it would fail and the spell would be lost. This also applied to scrolls and wands.

Glebo revealed to the group that he had dreamt of a temple of Desna in the ruins, and the password that would open a hidden compartment in its altar.

Investigating the ruins, the group battled a dark naga in the temple and were boxed in by a huge tyrannosaurus rex with a vorpal hand axe hanging on a chain around its neck outside the temple. They slew the naga; Brace was eaten by the T-Rex shortly before it too was slain. This time, Brace didn’t return from the dead. Fynn retrieved a ring of wishes that Brace had been hoarding and wished for his friend’s resurrection.

After resting and regrouping, the group pressed back into the ruins. Tzurak scouted ahead and was near fatally mauled by a mighty assassin vine that he stepped on for some reason before the combined efforts of the group ganged the vine down.

Several empty buildings were found in the ruins, as well as an otherwise empty building with a statue of a fat man.

Descending some stairs in one of the ruin’s buildings, the group found a basement that it appeared some people were living out of. There were clothes and beds left behind, along with a number of magical items and weapons.

A very old prophecy written in Azlantian was also found: “It shall be known that the Age of Legend will be reborn when He Who Walks In Blood skewers that which he has no right.” Tzurak revealed that “He Who Walks In Blood” was one of the alternate names or titles for Achaekek, the murderous mantis demigod worshipped by the Red Mantis. He explained that Achaekek served as the divine executioner of the gods, killing mortals at their command, usually those who strove for the powers of a god themselves. Achaekek could not strike those who were already gods.



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