leitz game

Session 4 Notes

While crafting was going on, Brace attempted to scry on various people from the Inn and came up bust. He did successfully scry on Arcane X but didn’t see anything interesting. Red spent money around town making friends. Gaurfang flipped some pages in the Book of Infinite Spells.

The party figured out that digging beneath Rosedale would best be done by going outside of the town and digging an angled tunnel under, but that it would take someone with practical knowledge of how to do such a thing without a cavein. They had heard of a dwarf named Drug Stonehammer, sometimes called the Wonderkin, who had run many such endeavors. They put the word out that they were interesting in hiring him.

Drug offered to do the dig for 15,000 gold plus 20% of what was found below. The group haggled him down to 15,000 plus 15% of the take. Drug gathered up his miners and dug for several weeks.

Meanwhile, the townspeople of Rosedale were upset about the digging and the fear it might cave in their town. They were mollified by the promise of cultural artifacts for their town.

The mining crew’s tunnel broke into something and the party moved down to investigate. They found a ruined town with dead townspeople. Some dread wraiths attacked the group.

Two of the three branches off from the first room were dead ends, but the third led to a pit in the floor. 40 feet down from there a long worked tunnel was found leading in both directions. The group walked along the tunnel for several hours.

Three rock trolls pushing a cart attacked the party. After they were killed, heads, dead people, and living people were found inside. One of the dead guys was wearing magical mithril full plate; he had heraldry of Mendev and Iomedae. The armor was the crusader’s Mendevian battle armor. Lore of the armor was that more people had died wearing this particular piece of armor than any other. The armor had come into reknown a hundred years earlier as the Mendevians fought the demons of the Worldwound. The armor had been worn by battle generals and the Mendevians had gone through a lot of them in the last hundred years. The few living refugees came with the party since they had no other options. The group also brought the cart full of heads.

The tunnel reached a chasm with a cabinet and a lever. In the trapped and locked cabinet was a flawed orange prism ioun stone. Eventually the group figured out that if the stone was left in its holder it powered an elevator. The group rode the elevator 3 miles down. Down and down and down and down and down.

Finding a small side cave at the bottom, they holed up and rested for the night. In the morning they moved on, spotting a stone building about 300 feet further on. Brace took the form of a field mouse and scouted out the building, discovering it was a tavern with a dozen mind flayers inside. The group murdered these mind flayers, expending considerable resources in the process. At this point, Gaurfang urged the group to press forward into the mind flayer city, but a majority of the group was too fearful of their delicious brains being ingested to do so. They retreated to the elevator as Tzurak pressed on alone to scout out the city.

Moving through he passed many mind flayer buildings, searching for the large object he had briefly glimpsed in the distance earlier. He reached a deep, dry channel cut into the middle of the city, with a ship sitting in it. This was a large ship, requiring 60 people to crew, named the Constable’s Son Several mind flayers patrolled the deck of the ship.

Scouting further afield, he found a waterfall which fed into the dry channel, except at the point at which the water hit the channel’s floor, it fell into a black opening instead. He couldn’t be certain if this was some kind of magical opening like a double-wide sphere of annihilation or a simple hole in the floor. Near the waterfall in the mind flayer city was a well.

Returning to the elevator, the whole group headed back to town. As Tzurak related what he had seen, Dav recognized the Constable’s Son as a historical ship from a few hundred years prior, which was said to be unsinkable.

They discovered that the Wonderkin had given them up for dead, looted all the objects in the first chamber, and left town.



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