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Session 1 Notes

Seven adventurers found themselves arriving at The Lion’s Mane, a
medium sized inn and tavern on the southeast side of the Ashwood Forest in Varisia. Patrons of the inn included a guy with a goat, a fortune teller, three elves, a guy in a dark corner, some rowdy adventurers, and an opium dealer named Xandrof.

Some nobles bought drugs from Xandrof. Myers determined that the man’s goat was in some way an unnatural creature. Seth tried to flex on one of the adventurers. Someone (Ross?) felt a sense of tension in the room. Dean got his fortune told, with the fortune teller laying out four cards, indicating that someone would be committing a crime soon, that it would be a big crime, the card for ‘you’, and a fourth vaguely triforce looking card that triggered an unusual event.

The world seemed to slow and everyone in the party was essentially frozen. Most of the patrons in the bar were chanting together. A portal opened and an angel staggered through, seeming confused about where it was or why. Then a demon appeared and swung a massive axe at the angel, cleaving through the roof and wall of the inn in the process. Each of the chanting people left via magical means and Xandrof rode off on a horse with flaming hooves. The remaining inn staff and adventurers were unconscious and couldn’t be roused. Most of the animals outside including Seth’s horse were dead.

Everyone eventually started following Xandrof’s trail. Along the way they came across a camp of mercenaries. Some of these were killed and others were allowed to live as long as they went away from the nearby town of Rosedale, which Xandrof’s trail seemed to be leading towards. We camped for the night at their camp and then continued on to Rosedale in the morning, with Xandrof’s scorched trail disappearing not far from it.

The town was of about 750 people. It had no livery (no idea if that’s significant) and no elves or half elves in the town. The half elves in the party felt uncomfortable in the town but couldn’t be sure if it was the town itself or the nearby Ashwood that was the problem. The Ashwood was said to be haunted and the town was known for a number of paranormal happenings.

Lead #1: The group met a magic item dealer with a wagon, whose name was Moopsie Pookiesmootch. He made some kind of side deal with Seth to fetch some ground up bones from a local graveyard for a high paying client in the next day. We thought that Xandrof might have been the high paying client.

Lead #2: We met a group of trappers. They offended Myers’ nature loving sensibilities. They mentioned they had spotted a tower out by where they did their trapping that didn’t used to be there.

We decided to do the graveyard thing first since there was more time urgency on that. Although it was sunny and clear all around, the graveyard was heavily overcast and pitch dark inside. The first thing encountered was a huge fast zombie which seemed to beat Seth to death with its hands before being brought down. For unknown reasons Seth woke up sometime later. More undead were fought throughout the graveyard.

We met a ghost named Sul’rayu who claimed to be 5,000 years old. He indicated that he had another recent visitor, which we took to be Xandrof from his description. Xandrof had asked him about a test which he failed, which he took with several people and one succeeded at it.

Sul’rayu said that his group went through many mazes, witnessed many horrors, and witnessed a creature older than the world itself. One of the group, Norgorber, fled beyond the beast. Sul’rayu escaped through a ley portal. Their other companions were killed. Because we knew that Norgorber is now a god and became one through the test of the Starstone, we reasoned that this was the test that Sul’rayu had been taking and that Xandrof was preparing to take the test and become a god.

Sul’rayu said that he had given Xandrof the last of his worldly possessions, an elerium glaive, called Ug’sothu the glaive of the paragon. He found it during the test. It was created by the civilization before theirs. Non-elerium weapons weren’t useful in the maze.

Sul’rayu indicated that ransportation magic fails in the test, but ley portals still exist and work. He said that in his time the working of ley line magic was considered simple but that he no longer remembered how to do it.

He also said that he could be laid to rest if the party were willing to take his remains at least 100 miles from the graveyard and bury them, and that he would like this to happen, but he wouldn’t allow the taking of his remains unless the party would submit to a geas that would start messing them up if a week later he wasn’t buried. He presents a double edged sword: if we lay him to rest we can’t ask him any more questions, but if we don’t, so can anyone else, including Xandrof if later information he comes up gives him new questions for the ghost. The group decided to not take the remains for now.

After delivering the ground up bones the group headed to the tower mentioned by the trappers. A few humans ran out as we arrived, a few taking up defensive positions in front of the tower and two others circling around the tower. We figured they were checking the perimeter or taking up some kind of defensive positions but it turned out they were running away.

Inside, other people were trying to get out, some trying to climb out from windows and such. We assumed they were running away from something but it turned out they had looted the tower and were clearing out with what they grabbed. We killed a few of them but mostly let them get away.

We fought a man in black spiked armor who had what seemed to be the elerium glaive and killed him. We also found some treasure on the top floor of the tower.

We did get a little bit of information from stuff carried by the couple guys we stopped from getting away:

*Old book on planar travel: Powerful dimensional folding can cause potent primordial power fluxes.
*Historical document from town news: Small village of Rosedale buried under earth during a massive arch-mage battle. New city to be built on hill. No excavation planned.
*Book on magic and the multiverse: Dimensional folding: The act of of multiple planes, times, ley lines, and multiverses intersecting at a single point, plane, and time.

Session 2 Notes

The party started their adventure in the inn in Rosedale. A man with a parrot was there; he asked Tzurak to watch his parrot while he ran to the armorer. He was never seen again. The party was attacked by assassins and defeated them. The assassins’ weapons inflicted more painful wounds than would be expected, seemingly because of a substance on the weapons. Tzurak told the group that these assassins were members of the Red Mantis and sought the lives of the group because it was believed that the party were seeking immortality.

The group headed off towards the ruins. An invisible ogre on a giant horse charged the party. Ultimately Brace was fatally lanced, but didn’t remain dead. The ogre’s horse was interrogated. His name was Murder.

The party continued on toward the ruins, preparing to head into the forest, when Tzurak told the group that his research had revealed that there were reports of magic not functioning correctly in the ruins/forest. Bravely, the companions pressed on. They discovered soon discovered that if their casting wasn’t very precise it would fail and the spell would be lost. This also applied to scrolls and wands.

Glebo revealed to the group that he had dreamt of a temple of Desna in the ruins, and the password that would open a hidden compartment in its altar.

Investigating the ruins, the group battled a dark naga in the temple and were boxed in by a huge tyrannosaurus rex with a vorpal hand axe hanging on a chain around its neck outside the temple. They slew the naga; Brace was eaten by the T-Rex shortly before it too was slain. This time, Brace didn’t return from the dead. Fynn retrieved a ring of wishes that Brace had been hoarding and wished for his friend’s resurrection.

After resting and regrouping, the group pressed back into the ruins. Tzurak scouted ahead and was near fatally mauled by a mighty assassin vine that he stepped on for some reason before the combined efforts of the group ganged the vine down.

Several empty buildings were found in the ruins, as well as an otherwise empty building with a statue of a fat man.

Descending some stairs in one of the ruin’s buildings, the group found a basement that it appeared some people were living out of. There were clothes and beds left behind, along with a number of magical items and weapons.

A very old prophecy written in Azlantian was also found: “It shall be known that the Age of Legend will be reborn when He Who Walks In Blood skewers that which he has no right.” Tzurak revealed that “He Who Walks In Blood” was one of the alternate names or titles for Achaekek, the murderous mantis demigod worshipped by the Red Mantis. He explained that Achaekek served as the divine executioner of the gods, killing mortals at their command, usually those who strove for the powers of a god themselves. Achaekek could not strike those who were already gods.

Session 2.5: Choose Your Own Adventure

Via e-mail between sessions 2 and 3…

One day on their way to the Happy Bear for lunch, Bracenoticed some odd footprints in the soft ground. They were goat prints. The party rounded up their horses and follow the tracks out of town. As a result of early morning rains, the dirt was soft and the tracks were easy to follow.

They lead out into the plains and seemed to lead toward the wizard’s tower the group had explored previously. They moved fast through the plains and although it started raining again, now heavily, they made up a lot of ground. After about an hour of wet riding, they saw two shapes on the horizon: a man and a goat. They approached cautiously.

As they arrived, the man and his ungoat were waiting for them. They appeared to be the man and ungoat from the the Lion’s Mane. The man was wearing old, ripped robes and clothing. He has a ring on each finger and armor under his clothes. Both the rings and plate armor were made from [[Elerium|Elerium]. His robes were a jade green with gold highlights. This was Maztael Sarntull, Lord of the Ethereal, the Soul Collector

(Hereafter the party’s dialogue is prefixed with a P and Maztael Sarntull’s with MS)

MS: “Why have you come?”

P: “Since our night at the Lion’s Mane, our lives have been full of questions. Our survival likely depends on finding the answers. We believe you have the knowledge to answer some of these questions, if you choose. We have come to ask you for this aid.”

MS: “Ahh yes. I’m sure that I do, but there isn’t anything more valuable in this world, or any other for that matter, than this type of information. I’ll be willing to tell you something you don’t know, in exchange for something I don’t know.”

P: “That seems like a fair deal. What would you like to know?”

MS: “That’s the thing. I doubt you know something I don’t.”

P: “It is true that there is little we know that you would interest you, Lord Sarntull. Perhaps you even already know when the Azlantians prophesied that the Age of Legends would be reborn?”

MS: “Yes. I know that has been prophesied and has been realized. What else do you know?”

P: “Hmm. Perhaps you also already know everything I could tell you about our ‘fellow travelers’ at the Lion’s Mane? Such as the opium dealer, the three elves, and the fortune teller?”

MS: "I"m familiar with them. Some more than others. They are of little consequence to what I’m trying to do. I care not."

p: “You do not see them as potential rivals? Interesting. Even with all your vast power I expected a greater concern for their identities and motivations. One of them might, for example, strip a tower of ancient tomes before you have the opportunity to examine them.”

MS: “Are you saying Archmage Rivenlin’s tower has already been pillaged?”

P: “It has. We have more information on this subject, if we have found something that interests you enough to offer knowledge of your own?”

MS: “Agreed. I’ll give you a little bit of information in exchange for that fact. What do you want to know about?”

P: “We would like to understand what happened to us at the Lion’s Mane and why. We’ve discovered some things since that night but you know more.”

MS: “The event at the inn was a natural and often times predictable cosmic
event. When Ley Lines come to intersect, they emit bursts of magical
energy. This type of energy is raw and incredibly powerful. It can
produce supernatural and extraordinary results. Arcanists try to
control it and have it do with they want through ritual, but even if
they don’t it can have any number of effects. What you’re seeing is
probably the affects of the raw magical energy.”

“Do you have other pieces of information you want to trade?”

P: “Certainly. We know several things about the looting of the archmage’s tower: when it happened, who led the looters, and what happened to the items taken from inside. If you were looking for something specific there, we could also give you the information we have about its current location. Are one or more of these pieces of information, or something related to them, of interest to you?”

MS: “I’m not particularly interested in who did it at this point, though if you have any of the items I might be interested in them.”

P: “We have three ancient books and a historical document from the tower, as well as several more common magical objects, if any of these are of interest. It surprises me that you have no interest in who took most of the items in the tower. With your power I would think you to be in an excellent position to bargain for them, if you chose.”

MS: “These items are of no interest to me.”

P: “Which items would be of interest to you?”

MS: “Not interested in any history books.”

P: “Are the Red Mantis a subject of any interest for you?”

MS: “They’ve been after me for sometime now, but lack the strength to seriously challenge me at this point. I have little time remaining to be concerned with them.”

P: “Respectfully, haven’t you thought that twice before? Are you so sure your plans are beyond the appropriate kinds of sabotage?”

MS: “No. Even I can only hold onto these flesh and bones for so long. Either I achieve my two century long goal soon or my human body will just wither and die.”

P: “With so little time left, surely anything that can give you an edge or save you some time is of value. Even things that you cannot personally spare the time to chase could spell the difference between success or failure. Perhaps you’d be willing to tell us what you are still seeking, whether it be a thing that once was in the Archmage’s tower or otherwise, and provide us some means to contact you with it?”

MS: “I can’t say what was there, because I haven’t been there. Nor have I known the arch-mage. All I know is that it was old and hidden. Now it appears. Would have been worth a searching, but no more it seems. Do you have any other information you want to trade?”

P: “I assume you are already well-versed in the Azlantian tongue? And that there’s nothing I can tell you about the Ashwood and its contents that you don’t already know?”

MS: “I’ve spent 150 years in Old Azlant. I can read it and speak it fine. What I need is information regarding transcendent vectors.”

P: “Transcendent vectors?”

MS: “Yes. Paths to immortality. The Time-traveler said I should speak to you, but it’s starting to seem like folly.”

P: “Is the Test of the Starstone not your chosen vector? Who is this time-traveler, since they seem to know of us? Is there a reason you have chosen to avoid undeath, for example?”

MS: “Undeath has its own problems. It gets hard to gather information looking like a skeleton. Though someday I might regret not pursuing it when I was a younger man. The old woman. She was in the Inn and comes around when significant events are about to unfold. Yes. I look at all leads, but the one I’m most familiar with is the Test of the Starstone.”

P: “So you might, for example, be interested in what someone besides yourself who had taken the Test said to me?”

MS: “Perhaps. Though why don’t you just tell me who this person is?”

P: “His name is Sul’rayu. He was part of a successful Test, although he himself did not reach the end.”

MS: “Hmm. Where can I find this person?”

P: “I believe this information could be very valuable to you. What do you offer for it? Perhaps we could walk with you and show you the way, and on the way there you could enlighten us further on a number of topics?”

MS: “No. You tell me your information, then I value it and give you an appropriate level of information in return.”

P: “Hmmm. But how will you know the value until you speak to him? I am not refusing your terms, I just don’t completely understand how this will work. If it piques your curiosity, I can tell you he was a companion of Norgorber’s. Also: You don’t have to take my word that this information is valuable to you. You have the fortune teller’s word on it, do you not?”

MS: “You worry about giving me the information, I’ll worry about validating it. The Time-Traveler speaks in riddles. Who knows what she really means.”

Tzurak draws him a map. He looked over the map. Everyone experienced something odd… sort of
like deja vu. The conversation now seemed familiar and yet new.

MS: “What do you want to know about?”

P: “We want to know more about Old Azlant and its lost arcana, and what steps we should take to pursue this same knowledge, either by somehow traveling to Old Azlant or by some other method in the modern age. We’ve heard all the common histories of the glory of Azlant and its fall, but believe that your knowledge goes far beyond these tales.”

MS: “That’s quite a question and a bit more than your information was worth. I will, however, give you some of what you ask.”

“On the lost arcana… First some history. Way back when when the Azlantians were first trying to figure out their place in the world, they worked engineering projects and built kingdoms. They worked
philosophy and understood religion. They also worked magic and unlocked its mighty power. The discoverers of magic, The Wizard’s Counsel as they were known, took this knowledge to High Lord Savith
and presented him with their findings. He was astounded at the power of it and declared it sacrosanct. No one should learn of magic’s true power, aside from a few of his closest allies: members of The Wizard’s Counsel. There was a problem with this decree, however. If The Wizard’s Counsel could stumble on this type of magic, why couldn’t others also figure out these secrets on their own? They debated for quite some time and came up with a solution that’s worked for thousands of years. They decided to poison the well of magic so to speak. They came up with a concept of a wizard’s guild to teach the unwashed masses ‘magic’. They came up with books and lessons that used the magic they discovered, but in a different way. They baked inefficiencies into their teachings so that wizards coming out of the guilds would be using an imperfect and inefficient versions of what would be called Pure Magic or now sometimes Old Magic. The magic in use today consists of children’s parlor tricks compared to Pure Magic.”

“This leads to the second part of your question… how to learn more about the arcana and Old Azlant. I know these truths because I lived in Old Azlant nearly 150 years and am myself an esteemed member of The Wizard’s Counsel. If you wish to learn the ways, you must also go there. Know that the prophecy has been realized and Old Azlant is available to those who know where to find it… for now. Who can say how long the portal will remain open? The portal is currently at the center of the Eye of Abendego. I suspect you will probably die either on your way there or inside. I hope you know what you’re doing. I also hope you can keep your flapping mouths shut regarding this information. It’s the most valuable thing there is. This concludes our transaction.”

And with that, he and the goat disappeared.

Session 3 Notes

The party returned to the Ruins in the Ashwood in search of Xandrof. Along the way they traveled through a serious storm, which seemed to only grow stronger along the way. Once in the ruins, a figure was spotted in the distance during a flash of lightning. Closing in on the figure, the party recognized the Father of Euphoria himself. A portal opened; a Formian worker walked out of it, looked around, and walked back in. Time seemed to slow down as Xandrof, whose movements did not seem likewise slowed, ran into the portal. When the party could move again, unsure of how much time had really passed, they followed and found themselves within a Formian hive on another plane.

Sevris picked up Xandrof’s trail on the other side, but it was clear that a significant amount of time had passed; his tracked seemed to go one direction, then back and the other direction and so on, all of which appeared several weeks old.

Infinite hordes of packs of Formian workers began to assault the group. They quickly seized on a strategy of moving as an orderly unit, with some of the group pushing forward through the workers approaching from that direction, and others fighting a rear guard against workers that piled on from behind.

In one side room, the group spotted a body; when Glebo ran over to check it out, a more large and powerful Formian warrior appeared to attack the party. He was dealt with and they pressed on. As they moved through the passage, a ley portal was noticed in one of the walls. Opening the portal, they found it led to a single bedroom. There they found a book about “pure magic” that gave instructions on how to condense magic into casting a Stilled Spell. They also found a scroll which read, “Like the butterfly, immortality comes in stages. Stage the first (physical), unknown how to reach this stage from mortality, subjects seem difficult to kill and stay dead, mortal wounds can be recovered from if the body remains sufficiently whole. ages normally.” The scroll was written in an old dialect and seemed to be part of a larger collection.

Going back into the hive, the group progressed further. They came to a room with a pile of bodies, a strange organ, and a huge iron statue. Many Formians were also present. They ultimately triumphed there, albiet summoning a huge earth elemental with the organ, controlling it, and animating the golem statue in the process.

The group found a second ley portal room. (What was in this?)

The group passed a pool and continued on to the lair of the Formian Queen. She cast Prismatic Spray on the party with disastrous effect. The group was ultimately saved from likely doom when Gaurfang stole the Queen’s Book of Infinite Spells and read a Wish from it, bringing the whole party back to the ruins.

Session 4 Notes

While crafting was going on, Brace attempted to scry on various people from the Inn and came up bust. He did successfully scry on Arcane X but didn’t see anything interesting. Red spent money around town making friends. Gaurfang flipped some pages in the Book of Infinite Spells.

The party figured out that digging beneath Rosedale would best be done by going outside of the town and digging an angled tunnel under, but that it would take someone with practical knowledge of how to do such a thing without a cavein. They had heard of a dwarf named Drug Stonehammer, sometimes called the Wonderkin, who had run many such endeavors. They put the word out that they were interesting in hiring him.

Drug offered to do the dig for 15,000 gold plus 20% of what was found below. The group haggled him down to 15,000 plus 15% of the take. Drug gathered up his miners and dug for several weeks.

Meanwhile, the townspeople of Rosedale were upset about the digging and the fear it might cave in their town. They were mollified by the promise of cultural artifacts for their town.

The mining crew’s tunnel broke into something and the party moved down to investigate. They found a ruined town with dead townspeople. Some dread wraiths attacked the group.

Two of the three branches off from the first room were dead ends, but the third led to a pit in the floor. 40 feet down from there a long worked tunnel was found leading in both directions. The group walked along the tunnel for several hours.

Three rock trolls pushing a cart attacked the party. After they were killed, heads, dead people, and living people were found inside. One of the dead guys was wearing magical mithril full plate; he had heraldry of Mendev and Iomedae. The armor was the crusader’s Mendevian battle armor. Lore of the armor was that more people had died wearing this particular piece of armor than any other. The armor had come into reknown a hundred years earlier as the Mendevians fought the demons of the Worldwound. The armor had been worn by battle generals and the Mendevians had gone through a lot of them in the last hundred years. The few living refugees came with the party since they had no other options. The group also brought the cart full of heads.

The tunnel reached a chasm with a cabinet and a lever. In the trapped and locked cabinet was a flawed orange prism ioun stone. Eventually the group figured out that if the stone was left in its holder it powered an elevator. The group rode the elevator 3 miles down. Down and down and down and down and down.

Finding a small side cave at the bottom, they holed up and rested for the night. In the morning they moved on, spotting a stone building about 300 feet further on. Brace took the form of a field mouse and scouted out the building, discovering it was a tavern with a dozen mind flayers inside. The group murdered these mind flayers, expending considerable resources in the process. At this point, Gaurfang urged the group to press forward into the mind flayer city, but a majority of the group was too fearful of their delicious brains being ingested to do so. They retreated to the elevator as Tzurak pressed on alone to scout out the city.

Moving through he passed many mind flayer buildings, searching for the large object he had briefly glimpsed in the distance earlier. He reached a deep, dry channel cut into the middle of the city, with a ship sitting in it. This was a large ship, requiring 60 people to crew, named the Constable’s Son Several mind flayers patrolled the deck of the ship.

Scouting further afield, he found a waterfall which fed into the dry channel, except at the point at which the water hit the channel’s floor, it fell into a black opening instead. He couldn’t be certain if this was some kind of magical opening like a double-wide sphere of annihilation or a simple hole in the floor. Near the waterfall in the mind flayer city was a well.

Returning to the elevator, the whole group headed back to town. As Tzurak related what he had seen, Dav recognized the Constable’s Son as a historical ship from a few hundred years prior, which was said to be unsinkable.

They discovered that the Wonderkin had given them up for dead, looted all the objects in the first chamber, and left town.

Session 5 Notes

The party went back down the tunnel beneath Rosedale towards the mind flayer city. Just before reaching the elevator, they discovered a newly constructed set of iron doors blocking the passageway. Glebo cast a silence spell and Tzurak stealthed up and picked the lock on the doors. On the opposite side of the doors the group discovered the elevator as before.

Brace took the form of a bat and went to fly down the shaft, but immediately spotted a new alcove in the cliff wall occupied by a red dragon. This dragon attacked the group and was slain, but not before displaying an ability to cast a quickened true strike in some odd way.

Brace scouted the mind flayer city again in the form of a bat. He spotted some warehouses that were previously undiscovered. He also discovered where the channel let out.

A commune was cast by the party, revealing that a crew could be found in the city if freed from the mind flayers, that the mind flayers had a mechanism to control the draining and filling of the channel, and that this mechanism was not within the city. They also learned that the ship didn’t have magic that would allow it to be piloted without a crew.

The group came into the city through the back door by water walking up the underground river. Tzurak did a little more scouting, learning that the black channel seemed to disintegrate whatever it touched, that one of the warehouses was guarded by two mind flayers and had people packed inside like chattel, and that a large tower was in the city opposite the waterfall. He stone shaped a hole in the top of the tower and was nearly fatally mauled by an enormous air elemental before managing to trap it in the tower once more.


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