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  • Xandrof

    * Xandrof is an opium dealer (and appeared to be continuing to deal opium at the Lion's Mane despite having resources that seem like might be below his pay grade). * He has been called the Father of Euphoria. * He was present at the Lion's Mane Inn when …

  • Fortune Teller

    * One of the mysterious people present for the event at the [[the Lion's Mane | Lion's Mane]]. * Told [[:fynn | Fynn]]'s fortune, predicting that a great crime would occur just before things started to happen. * When [[:sul-rayu | Sul'rayu]] was shown a …

  • Maztael Sarntull

    * One of the mysterious visitors to [[the Lion's Mane | the Lion's Mane]]; his constant companion is [[:the-ungoat | The Ungoat]] * His name is Maztael Sarntull; he has been called the the Soul Collector and the Lord of the Ethereal. * [[:tzurak | …

  • The Ungoat

    It looks like a goat, but has unnatural black eyes that seem to stare right through you. It is the constant companion of [[:maztael-sarntull | Maztael Sarntull]].

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