the Ruins in the Ashwood

The party was led to these ruins by a map obtained by Sevris from a pirate who owed him a favor.

There they found ancient buildings and fought a dark naga, a huge tyrannosaurus rex, and an assassin vine. Brace Mowan was fatally eaten by the T-Rex.

The ruins contained a temple of Desna with a hidden compartment in the altar. Glebo had seen the temple in a dream and knew the command word to open the compartment.

One building contained a statue of a fat man.

In the basement of one of the buildings, the party found the living quarters of four people, one of which seemed to be a woman, none of which were present. They also found a bunch of treasure those people apparently didn’t want and an ancient Prophecy concerning Achaekek written in Azlantian.

the Ruins in the Ashwood

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