leitz game

Session 3 Notes

The party returned to the Ruins in the Ashwood in search of Xandrof. Along the way they traveled through a serious storm, which seemed to only grow stronger along the way. Once in the ruins, a figure was spotted in the distance during a flash of lightning. Closing in on the figure, the party recognized the Father of Euphoria himself. A portal opened; a Formian worker walked out of it, looked around, and walked back in. Time seemed to slow down as Xandrof, whose movements did not seem likewise slowed, ran into the portal. When the party could move again, unsure of how much time had really passed, they followed and found themselves within a Formian hive on another plane.

Sevris picked up Xandrof’s trail on the other side, but it was clear that a significant amount of time had passed; his tracked seemed to go one direction, then back and the other direction and so on, all of which appeared several weeks old.

Infinite hordes of packs of Formian workers began to assault the group. They quickly seized on a strategy of moving as an orderly unit, with some of the group pushing forward through the workers approaching from that direction, and others fighting a rear guard against workers that piled on from behind.

In one side room, the group spotted a body; when Glebo ran over to check it out, a more large and powerful Formian warrior appeared to attack the party. He was dealt with and they pressed on. As they moved through the passage, a ley portal was noticed in one of the walls. Opening the portal, they found it led to a single bedroom. There they found a book about “pure magic” that gave instructions on how to condense magic into casting a Stilled Spell. They also found a scroll which read, “Like the butterfly, immortality comes in stages. Stage the first (physical), unknown how to reach this stage from mortality, subjects seem difficult to kill and stay dead, mortal wounds can be recovered from if the body remains sufficiently whole. ages normally.” The scroll was written in an old dialect and seemed to be part of a larger collection.

Going back into the hive, the group progressed further. They came to a room with a pile of bodies, a strange organ, and a huge iron statue. Many Formians were also present. They ultimately triumphed there, albiet summoning a huge earth elemental with the organ, controlling it, and animating the golem statue in the process.

The group found a second ley portal room. (What was in this?)

The group passed a pool and continued on to the lair of the Formian Queen. She cast Prismatic Spray on the party with disastrous effect. The group was ultimately saved from likely doom when Gaurfang stole the Queen’s Book of Infinite Spells and read a Wish from it, bringing the whole party back to the ruins.



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